Fluidity Wellness is the leading supplier and distributor of the worlds leading health and wellness brands products in South Africa.

Our experience and dedication to the market that we service has enabled us to secure major international brands. We will continue to travel the globe in order to identify the latest trends in the world of health and wellness.

Fluidity Wellness has built up many reputable contacts all over the world and this enables us to source and attain any product that our valued clients desire at incredible pricing.

We have world‐class shipping and clearing agents that allows to import product from the USA, Europe, The East and Australia.

Fluidity Wellness believes in working closely with both our suppliers and our valued clients to ensure that we can attain superior quality products with excellent pricing structures that are beneficial to all parties.

Fluidity Wellness follows a holistic approach to any product that we import which includes sourcing, pre‐sales, sales and most importantly after sales.

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